Episode 1: The Battle for the Throne

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October 13, 2021Cinemashare00

From a very young age, there was a deep rivalry between the brothers Charlemagne and Carloman. After the death of their father, Pippin, in 768 the kingship passed jointly to both sons. The Kingdom of the Franks was divided. Territorially however it remained so interwoven that in effect neither could rule without the other. Soon a power struggle developed that ended when Charlemagne chose war over diplomacy. He started with conquering Europe and overthrowing the Saxons.

A film by: Gabriele Wengler

About Charlemagne:

The film recounts the dramatic, violent and bawdy life of the Middle Ages’ most important Emperor, featuring elaborate battle scenes with hundreds of extras and excursions into the emperor’s most private life.

The most powerful man in Europe at the time carved out an empire which comprised almost all of modern Europe, and whose legacy reaches into our very day. Charlemagne, who died 1200 years ago, is shown as a man of flesh and blood for the first time.

The film also shows a lively panorama of life in the Middle Ages and an exciting journey back through time to the cradle of European civilization.

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