Chauffeur Fed Up With Driving Luxury Vehicles – Look What He Did to His Junker

May 30, 2018Cinemashare00

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A chauffeur got so fed up with driving luxury vehicles that he bought himself a £200 ($265) junker—and covered it in fur.

Justin Scrutton, the owner of a chauffeur company, bought the wrecked old Volkswagen Golf because he fancied driving something that he didn’t mind if his two dogs ruined.

But the 46-year-old decided to go one step further and spent £180 ($239) covering the ancient Golf in ten meters of teddy-bear fabric.

“I was trying to sleep one night and for some crazy reason I thought ‘why not?’ I have two vehicles for my chauffeur business and a third car for my dogs – I only really use it to bring them for walks. It was just a bit of fun—that’s my attitude to life, have a laugh when you can,” he said.

Scrutton, who is single, lives with his two dogs, Lola and Cenzo, and thinks they are fans of his new ride.

He said, “I’m sure they know it’s different, they seem to like it. They were running up to it and sniffing it when I had it done.”

The fur fan transformed his doggy mobile with 10 meters of teddy bear fabric and 12 cans of adhesive glue spray.

It took Scrutton two sittings to finish the car as he underestimated exactly how much glue he would need.

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“I did it in two sittings because I ran out of glue. I was driving around with the car half done- for four days the boot, roof, and bonnet were covered in fur but the sides were bare.”

The reactions to the car are “generally all good.”

“People have generally reacted well,” Scrutton added, noting he typically drives luxury Mercedes vehicles for work. I’ve had nothing derogatory or stupid. I think it’s something people would like to do but can’t.”

He added, “Kids are always stopping and pointing and people take lots of photos. You’ll drive by people on the motorway and they’ll be filming the car. It’s actually quite unnerving when they drive right up behind you to get the best picture.”

And Justin isn’t going to stop there.

“I’m going to add some ears. I’ll probably use an estate agents sign because it’s sturdy but not made off metal, so they won’t maim someone if they fall off,” Scrutton said.

“I’ve still got glue leftover so I’m ready to go.”


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