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January 20, 2022share00

“My husband says that life is like a symphony. He tells me this every time he beats me… because I am a sour note.” 

Setting the tone of the entire film, María Magdalena confides these words to us in the opening of this multi-award winning short.

Life is a symphony. Each note is a voice crying to be heard, striving to find it’s place in the grand masterpiece. Yet some notes chime with a discord that threatens to ruin the melody.

This 18th century story is a glimpse into the soul of a woman whose life is filled with discordant notes and driven by domestic misery. Told with beautiful poignancy, “Crescendo” is  packed with powerful performances, exquisite imagery and a clever use of music. A must-see film that poses the question:

What if you embrace the discordant note and use it to start a new melody?

Crescendo received 15 awards and 17 nominations. 

Duration: 13 min.
Directed by: Alonso Alvarez
Writers: Alonso Alvarez (story) | Ricardo Colorado (collaborating writer) | Alejandro Monteverde (story)
Stars: Montserrat Espadalé | Ali Landry Monteverde | Patrick Nuo

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2011     13 min.     PG     German, English (sub)     IMDB: 7.5/10