Episode 5: Suspicion

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Epoch Cinema
November 12, 2022Cinemashare00

The triumph over Guanzhong clouds Liu Bang’s mind. Ignoring Han Xin’s strategic advice, he leads a large army to invade Xiang Yu’s territory. Although initially successful, Liu Bang’s campaign ends in a humiliating debacle at the hands of Xiang Yu’s cavalry troops. He calls on Han Xin to come to his aid. Leading freshly trained units, Han Xin successfully blocks Xiang Yu and sets up a stable defence line for the Han army. However, his incredible triumphs begin to rouse Liu Bang’s jealousy.

About Han Xin: Join us on a quest to discover the legendary heroes who shaped China’s 5000-year-old history. Their unbelievable feats have been passed down to us through stories and idioms. Today we bring them to you through our brand new docudrama series. We begin our journey with Han Xin, the outstanding general who helped Liu Bang establish the Han dynasty, a period that shaped China for more than two millennia. We first meet him as a poor young man who can barely feed himself, humbled by the charity of a washerwoman. We follow his rise as the Han kingdom’s general-in-chief and watch him take on Xiang Yu, China’s most powerful ruler. Along the way, we learn from his invincible battle strategies, and in the end reflect upon his untimely death. After 11 episodes, we leave you with a valuable piece of China’s history, and also strategic and life lessons from the man known in history as “the God of War.”

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