On Wheels

NTD Films
NTD Films
February 22, 2023Cinemashare00

This film is only available in the United States and Canada because of territorial licensing.

“On Wheels” is a road movie, a coming of age drama, aimed at a young audience.

Lucas, a 13-year-old boy, is wheelchair-bound after suffering an accident. Laís, a 12-year-old girl, helps her mother sell breakfast at a truck stop in the small town where they live. The girl would love to meet her father, a truck driver who left when she was a child and never returned. Laís and Lucas become friends in school, and when she finds out where her father lives, the two set off on a trip.

2017     Portuguese(English Captions)     1h 12m     IMDB: 7.7/10(views 86)    


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