One Day

NTD Films
NTD Films
February 1, 2023Cinemashare00

This film is only available in the United States and Canada because of territorial licensing.

Kang-soo, an insurance investigator, has lost all hope and purpose of living after his wife died.

One day, the company gives him the case of Mi-so, a girl who’s fallen into a coma from a car accident. At the hospital where he goes to investigate the case, he meets a girl who claims she is Mi-so, who in reality can’t walk or talk. Kang-soo eventually accepts that for some reason only he can see the spirit of Mi-so. And Mi-so asks Kang-soo to help her biggest wish come true before she has to leave this world for good.

2017     Korean (English Subtitles)     1h 58m     IMDB: 6.5/10(views 512)    


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