Full Film: ‘Reject,’ a New Film Exploring the Consequences of a Business Deal With China

Epoch Times Staff
Epoch Times Staff
November 15, 2020Cinemashare00

Update: Full film is now available above

It is estimated that the cost of IP (intellectual property) theft of U.S. trade secrets by China is $250 billion to $600 billion annually. But how does it impact the lives of people who have been through this type of experience? That’s the main question posed by “Reject,” the latest film from writer and director David Chai.

The film follows Peter (played by Connor Hough), a typical American businessman who is enamored with the idea of expanding his business into China and accessing the billion-plus population of the Chinese market. He makes a deal with a firm connected to the Chinese regime but discovers that things don’t work out quite how he imagined.

Produced by Compassion Entertainment, this cautionary tale is important viewing for everyone curious about how IP theft works and how devastating it can be. The two leads, Connor Hough and Tayler Karin, were picked out of hundreds of hopefuls to be in the film. The supporting cast includes Tom Procida, Arthur Axis, and Julie Joy Shin.

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