The King

NTD Films
NTD Films
February 2, 2023Cinemashare00

This film is only available in the United States and Canada because of territorial licensing.

Tae-soo turns his gangster life around when he learns where the real power lies. However, once he becomes a prosecutor, he is disillusioned by the unglamorous life of low-level prosecutors. By chance, he is taken under the wing of Han Kang-sik, the prosecutor with absolute power, and experiences the extravagant lifestyle of the top 1 percent. Driven by an insatiable hunger for power, Tae-soo gets more entangled in the political game only to see the cruel truth behind it.

2017     Korean (English Subtitles)     2h 14m     IMDB: 6.9/10(views 2.1K)    


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