Tremble and Obey | Documentary

NTD Films
NTD Films
December 15, 2022Cinemashare00

This film is only available in the United States because of territorial licensing.

ABC uncovers previously unseen footage for the 30th anniversary of the Tiananmen Square massacre

“Millions of Chinese for the first time, maybe the last time in their lives, tasted freedom in the air of Beijing”, says Zhou Fengsuo, a student leader at the time of the Tienanmen protests. The world watched as the Communist Party faced its greatest wave of unrest in 40 years, and reacted brutally. For 30 years the Party has sought to erase all public discourse and memory of the massacre, making this report all the more significant. “If you really want to deal with today’s China, you have to understand where this China comes from, and it comes from 1989,” says Wang Dan, another student leader looking back to the watershed moment in post-Mao China.

2019 49m English    


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