Columbia Rejects Chinese Student for Hate Speech

Strict lockdown rules are driving foreigners out of Shanghai. A survey shows many of them plan to leave—or are debating the option.

A top supplier for Apple and Tesla faces widespread infections at its factory in Shanghai. Three workers reveal the situation inside.

Photos capture empty shelves in Beijing, as panic buying begins. Residents there say they’re worried about another possible lockdown to stem COVID-19 infection rates.

A university in New York rescinds its acceptance letter to a Chinese student, all because of a post on Chinese social media following a recent shooting.

As part of the deal in an unusual agreement between the Wuhan lab and its partner at a U.S. university, they are asking one another to erase secret files.

Topics in this episode include:
Supplier for Tesla, Apple Struggles With Infections
Is Beijing Locking Down? Locals Are Worried
Columbia Rejects Chinese Student for Hate Speech
Wuhan Lab Can Destroy Secret Files: Doc
Japan Promises a Stronger Military to Help US
Japan, New Zealand Discuss Indo-Pacific
European Union Head Meets With India’s Modi
Billionaire’s Son Banned From Social Media Weibo
Internet Users Question State Media Clips: Shanghai
12-Year-Old Walks 9 Hours Home After Quarantine
Remembering an Appeal Against Suppression
US Appeals to China to Stop North Korea, but China Wants to Bring the US Down: Expert

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