Comedian Rob Schneider Tweets Support for Louis CK and Kevin Hart

By Colin Fredericson

Comedian Rob Schneider threw his support to two fellow comedians caught up in controversy. Schneider’s tweets threw a lifesaver out to Louis C.K. and Kevin Hart.

Louis C.K. met criticism in the media for leaked audio of a show he performed in Long Island, NY’s Governor’s Comedy Club. He performed a secret show earlier in December, and audio was leaked on YouTube, The Chicago Tribune reported.

Media outlets and roaming social media mobs criticized him for jokes related to activists that emerged from the Parkland school shooting and the community of individuals who consider themselves neither male or female.

“FREE LOUIE CK!! JOKES ARE WORDS YOU [expletive] MORON [expletive]!!” Tweeted Schneider in support.

In what is perhaps a reference to what befell Louis C.K., he also tweeted: “No Cell phones will be allowed this weekend in the show! I want to KEEP my TV show, thanks much!”

The owner of the club where Louis C.K. performed had no problem with the comedian’s jokes. He told The Daily Beast that the audience was aware they were there to see and hear Louis C.K. and the type of comedy he performs.

“He brought the house down,” said Governor’s Comedy Club owner James Dolce, via The Daily Beast. “He’s a genius.”

“I did hear that a couple people are perturbed by some of the things that he said. My response to that is that it’s comedy. You know who you’re coming to see. You bought tickets to see him,” Dolce added.”

He also expressed gratitude towards Louis C.K. for coming to the club.

“I have no regrets at all. He’s a legend ion the comedy biz. To have a legend play my club is an honor,” Dolce told The Daily Beast.

Schneider has another tweet potentially related to the situation: “Comedians are the ones who are supposed to say the horrible things that we all think but are afraid to say. Free Speech is ALL SPEECH!”

Schneider also had kind words for Kevin Hart, showing his support for Hart to host the Academy Awards after an earlier controversy. Hart was pressured to apologize when his hosting gig was announced, after his tweets emerged that apparently made fun of homosexuals. The tweets were from years ago, and he eventually stepped down from the job, but the academy has yet to announce a replacement.

Schneider’s latest tweet reads: “History has not and will not look kindly on those that suppress others freedoms of expression.”

He also tweeted: “If @KevinHart4real doesn’t host… #BoycottAcademyAwards”

He also tweeted a relevant quote from late comedian George Carlin: “‘Political correctness is just fascism disguised as manners.’”

Actor William Shatner, most famous for playing Captain Kirk in Star Trek movies and TV shows, also threw support behind Hart.

“THEY win if you don’t do what your heart wants because of their bullying. Don’t let them dictate you & your life. Host the Oscars,” he tweeted.

Schneider performed for New Year’s Eve audiences in Tempe, Arizona, according to his Twitter page. He also spent time with comedian friend David Spade in Hollywood, and posted a silly selfie.

Schneider is scheduled to perform at Oxnard Levity Live in Oxnard, CA, from Jan. 4 to 6, according to the Twitter account for Oxnard Levity Live.