Controversies Behind the China Initiative, Explained: Part 2

A decision to end the China Initiative met with strong backlash.

But why is the China Initiative getting scrapped? And what are the accusations?

Beijing has pushed back on the program, but what does the initiative really aim to counter? And what will happen without it?

In part 1 of this special report, we talked about how the Justice Department’s China Initiative helped reveal a series of espionage crimes quietly driven by Beijing. That’s as it seeks to catch up to the United States and the West—and get an edge in the global technology race.

In part 2, we explore how it’s not just stolen trade secrets the DOJ uncovered. It also dug out other threats that were previously undisclosed. Among them are Beijing’s methods for trying to shape American public opinion, and how the Chinese regime is siphoning away American technology in a perfectly open and legal manner.

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