Couple Faces Backlash Over Crowdfunding Wedding Costs

By Colin Fredericson

A couple received infuriating responses at their attempt to crowdfund a portion of the cost of their wedding.

Natalie Borg and Richard McMurray received comments on an article about their wedding fundraiser, published by the Edinburgh Evening News that were extremely harsh. Many people criticized the idea of asking guests to pay for a wedding, rather than just simplifying the wedding to cut costs. Commenters also thought the idea of having a fundraiser to throw a wedding was silly.

Beautiful sunset at a beautiful wedding (with alright company ???? ????)

Natalie Borg 发布于 2018年6月1日周五

“If you can’t afford it downsize or cancel it. You can’t expect others to pay … money grabbers. The world is a joke,” commented Kristina Brown.

“I’m starting a gofundme campaign because I want to go on a holiday. first class only,” commented Bob Forward, sarcastically.

The couple responded to the criticism, on the same GoFundMe page, with a link to the Evening News article.

“Just found out from my cousin that somehow our story has reached the news!

“Our page is mainly for friends and family who want to send us some cash instead of wedding gifts as we are already set up living together.”

Stephen Gallagher 发布于 2018年3月31日周六

The UK wedding goal is now just 2,000 pounds (US$2,600). In the original post on GoFundMe, the couple mentioned some items that they need the additional funds for specifically, as well as what they are willing to give up.

“As we can’t put off the wedding for another few months—(everything is booked) we are asking in lieu of any wedding gifts if you are able to please contribute anything to our costs for the day that would be amazing.

“Final payments we are are still trying to cover are mainly for the venue, photographer, cake, and dress alterations. We have no honeymoon budget and not worrying about this just want to be able to cover our bills for the day so it can go ahead.”

Natalie Borg 发布于 2017年12月17日周日

Online contributions have reached 1,718 pounds (US$2224.90). The couple explained on another page update why they changed the fundraising goal.

“We’ve sat down and done the numbers on our outstanding payments today and with the help of our supporters (Thank you!!!!) and in addition to our three upcoming pay-days from our jobs we are now only 500 pounds off our goal to cover all our wedding costs. I’ve updated our total amount on ‘Go Fund Me’ to reflect this and I am confident we will meet our target as we continue ‘Marie Kondo-ing’ a few more of our unnecessary belongings to make space for our future together.”

The update indicates the couple is probably selling some more of their personal items to raise funds.

Borg is 36-years-old, while McMurray is 37. They have been dating for two years, according to a follow-up article by the Evening News. But they met each other as children. Borg grew up in London, and McMurray lived next door to Borg’s grandparent, in Edinburgh, Scotland.

Natalie Borg 发布于 2018年12月31日周一

Borg said they were not being unreasonable with the wedding request.

“I’ve got friends coming up from London and they’ve asked what we want and I said ‘nothing,’ we just need a bit of help with the costs,” Borg said, via the Evening News. “We’re not forcing people to contribute to our wedding, it’s just been a bit overwhelming.”

The planned original date of the wedding has been removed from the Gofundme page, although the Edinburgh Evening News said the date was planned for April 27.