Couple Surprised to Find a Human Tooth in their Chinese Takeaway—It’s Gristle Says Manager

By Victor Westerkamp

One moment you’re the manager of a Chinese restaurant trying to dismiss complaints from customers claiming they found a human tooth in their food. Next thing, you’re inundated with council food inspectors turning all your pots and pans upside down. Meanwhile, your name is all over Facebook, with 5.4 k shares in just five days.

That’s what happened to the manager of the Newton Cantonese Takeaway in Worcester, England.

A couple from England dug up an archeological find from their takeaway Pork Curry—a human tooth. However, the manager said it was only a piece of cartilage, or better still—a chunk of onion.

Stephanie McDonough, 29, and her partner, Dave Burrows, 38, were enjoying their takeaway meal from the local Newtown Cantonese Take Away in Worcester on Friday. They were surprised by a gruesome discovery.

Burrows had eaten a few mouthfuls when he chewed on something hard. He spat it out on his plate.

The human molar, allegedly found by the couple in their takeaway dinner from Newtown Cantonese Takeaway in Worcester, England (Facebook/Stephanie McDonough)

“We thought it was a bone at first, but it’s definitely a tooth,” said McDonough on Facebook on Saturday. “We both checked it wasn’t any of ours.

“I phoned the restaurant later that night, and [the manager] really tried to convince me it was gristle in the pork. She was having none of it. She was trying to come up with all different things that it could have been. It was a tooth.”

“It’s more a concern of how it got there,” she continued. “Was it spat in there or fell? I’m 90 percent sure it’s a human tooth. It could have come from their food suppliers or wherever.”

The couple was reimbursed $8.10 for the pork curry, but not the full $22.90 for the whole meal. McDonough claims she is yet to receive an apology.

Disillusioned by management’s unwillingness to come to a solution, McDonough posted a few pictures to Facebook warning people not to go and eat at Newtown’s. “DO NOT USE NEWTOWN CHINESE WORCESTER!!!” it said.

In a short while, it got shared 5.4 k times and garnered some 67 remarks.

The couple reported the incident to the Food Standards Agency’s National Food Crime Unit and the Environmental Health, who visited the place and rummaged through all the pots and pans in search of leads.

An Inspector with the Environmental Health tested the tooth to determine whether it’s human, McDonough told Fox News. The results are pending. At the same time, they’ve “emptied the restaurant of all cooking utensils to test and investigate those too,” she said.

McDonough says she hasn’t heard from the outlet since Friday when the incident occurred.

So far, nobody has come forward to claim to be the owner of the tooth.