Courts Could Allow Chemical Castration of 10-Year-Old Son but Not Haircut: Texas Father

Courts Could Allow Chemical Castration of 10-Year-Old Son but Not Haircut: Texas Father
Jeff Younger with his sons James (left) and Jude (right). (Courtesy of the website

Texas father Jeff Younger is prepared to file a federal lawsuit if his ex-wife moves to California in an attempt to chemically castrate their 10-year-old son under the state’s new transgender sanctuary law.

Younger made the announcement concerning his high-profile custody battle on Saturday at the Patriarch Convention, a conference on fatherhood and family issues held as part of the 21 Summit in Orlando, Florida, this weekend.

The Patriarch Convention is one of three conventions being held simultaneously under the 21 Summit umbrella, which includes the anti-feminist 22 Convention “to make women great again,” and the 21 Convention to improve views about masculinity and “make men alpha again.”

In a text to The Epoch Times, Younger added he would take his fight to save his son, James, to the U.S. Supreme Court.

“You need to stop looking for leaders that talk … you need to start looking at people who have done things,” he told the audience.

Younger, an orthodox Christian, said psychology and medicine have been weaponized against conservatives, who do not have a strategy to stop the progressive left from their decades-long push to take over democratic institutions.

“They are going to take your children; they’re going to educate them to destroy everything that you’ve built—that is the goal,” he said.

Younger told the audience that conservatives should use their voice and stage a coordinated push back to reinstate traditional American values.

“We want to reestablish a previous social order,” he said for his support of traditional family values.

To do that, he suggested that conservatives must avoid setting up large organizations run democratically. “Instead, we should use swarming tactics— 10,000 small groups,” he said.

Conservatives must launch coordinated, spontaneous campaigns similar to GamerGate, where conservatives challenged feminists and their ideology, who couldn’t destroy the campaign because there was no top-down leadership.

He said that society will have to take sides because only two outcomes are possible now.

He said that America would return to its traditions or morph into one big university with speech codes, single-payer health care, and lunch cards—all orchestrated by bureaucrats.

“What are you going to do to carve out the space of liberty … so you raise your sons in a traditional way?” he asked the audience.

Fighting for His Son

Younger explained the background of his case to save his son from chemical castration, which has led him to speak out against bias in the legal system.

His ex-wife Anne Georgulas, a pediatrician in the suburbs of Dallas, Texas, began dressing James as a girl when he was around 2 years old.

During the ongoing custody battle, Georgulas argued that James chose to identify as a female, wear dresses, and go by the female name Luna.

On the other hand, Younger accused his ex-spouse of leading their young son to socially transition his gender before he could understand the concept or its implications. He said that James rejected the female identity and did not wear dresses at his home during visits.

The court issued a gag order against Younger, forbidding him from talking to the media, which he has ignored.

“She’s completely socially transitioned him, and I could not get the courts to stop the fact,” he told the audience.

The fight for James even extended to how he wore his hair. Younger said he kept cutting it military style, which drove his ex-wife to seek an injunction against it.

“Cutting his hair is considered abuse by the court, but cutting his penis off isn’t,” Younger said. “And this is where you are as a father today.”

Younger blames Republicans in Texas for not using their political muscle to pass a bill he championed last year to ban medical transitions for children.

Texas Speaker of the House Dade Phelan gavels in the 87th Legislature’s special session in the House chamber at the State Capitol in Austin, Texas, on July 8, 2021. (Tamir Kalifa/Getty Images)

This Spring, Younger ran unsuccessfully for Texas House District 63 to stop youth gender transitions. He told the audience the Republican establishment backed his opponent.

“Should my sons be moved to a foreign jurisdiction and lose the protection of Texas law, I will exact political reprisals against the Texas official responsible,” Younger told The Epoch Times via text.

Younger said Dallas District Judge Mary Brown, a liberal Democrat sitting on the bench for the Texas 301st District Court, ruled on Sept. 21 that Younger’s ex-wife could move James and his twin brother Jude anywhere in the continental United States.

The judge said her ruling was for the “safety and welfare” of the twins.

Jeff Younger with sons
Jeff Younger with his sons James and Jude. (Courtesy of Jeff Younger)

The order said that Younger would have to schedule supervised parental visits in the county and state where the children reside. Also, the judge “ordered” his ex-wife not to reveal her and the children’s address, and allowed her to apply for new passports.

In 2021, Brown stripped Younger of most parental rights, giving full custody in a temporary order to Georgulas. Younger is seeking to roll back that ruling to a previous jury verdict in 2019, allowing 50-50 custody and no child support.

His ex-wife indicated during the Sept. 21 hearing that she wanted to move to California. She recently posted online that she will be closing her local practice on Oct. 31.

Younger is concerned that his ex-wife will transition James medically because documents show that she took James to a therapist who recommended the family “explore” gender transitioning at the Dallas-based Genecis medical clinic.

California Gov. Gavin Newsom signed a bill on Sept. 29. giving the state authority over transgender minors.

California Gov. Gavin Newsom speaks during a bill signing ceremony at Nido’s Backyard Mexican Restaurant in San Francisco on Feb. 9, 2022. (Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

The law enacts “various safeguards against the enforcement of other states’ laws” that would penalize individuals from obtaining gender-affirming care that is legal in California.

Younger believes the new California law will be a workaround for a previous Texas court order, preventing either parent from treating the child with hormonal suppression therapy, puberty blockers, or transgender reassignment surgery without both parents’ consent or a court order.

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