Cuban Protests a ‘Social Explosion,’ an Irreversible Awakening

Just 90 miles off the coast of Florida, Cubans have suffered under a brutal communist dictatorship for the last 62 years. But on July 11, something unprecedented happened: People started taking to the streets en masse to protest the regime and demand freedom. Videos poured out of the island nation under the hashtag #CubaSOS. But that turned to a trickle after the internet went dark. Nonetheless, the protests continue.

Our three guests have been hoping for this day for a long time. They have their ears to the ground in Cuba and share what’s happening now and what could happen next.

We’re joined by Orlando Gutierrez Boronat, coordinator of Cuban Democratic Directorate and a member of the Assembly of the Cuban Resistance; Luis Zuñiga, a writer, ex-U.S. diplomat, and a former Cuban political prisoner; and Javier Larrondo, president and founder of human rights organization Prisoner Defender.

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