Customer Leaves Over $2,000 Tip for 2 New Hampshire Bartenders

By The Associated Press

MILFORD, N.H.—A customer made it much more than a double for two New Hampshire bartenders when he tipped them over $2,000 on a $21 check.

Bruce Girouard and Karen Vaillancourt say a customer left them a $2,078.74 tip even though his bill was for only $21.26 on Friday at the Pasta Loft in Milford.

The man asked the bartenders to check his math before he left and wrote his number on the top of the check in case management had questions, WMUR-TV reported.

A barman mixes a drink containing Belsazar Rose Vermouth at Decimo's New Years Eve celebration
A bartender mixes a drink containing Belsazar Rose Vermouth at Decimo’s New Years Eve celebration at The Standard in London, England, on Dec.31, 2019. (Eamonn M. McCormack/Getty Images for The Standard, London)

Vaillancourt describes the man as having “a really low profile, doesn’t like a lot of attention, you know, and just does really nice things just because he can.”

The bartenders say the man will remain anonymous.