Cute Animals: Size Doesn’t Matter

Size Doesn’t Matter

When a little chihuahua got cranky, his Great Dane friend got scared and just wanted to get away.

Size obviously doesn’t matter in this hilarious video!

World Smallest Twin Baby Monkeys Celebrate 1st Birthday

Visitors can see the world’s smallest monkeys at Symbio Wildlife Park in Australia, and the cute twin pygmy marmoset babies that recently arrived are even smaller than their parents.

The babies weighed 50 grams in June and decided to carefully venture from the safety of their parents’ backs. Their three older siblings also watched over the twin babies from time to time.

The twins, named Lucia and Luna, celebrated their first birthday in October, and the entire family enjoyed investigating and tasting the beautiful treats.

Baby Chimp’s First Steps Caught on Camera

A baby chimpanzee recently caught the attention of visitors at Rockhampton Zoo in Australia. She was munching on leaves, then took her first steps before tumbling over.

Her mother scooped her up before climbing down to a different location. This curious baby is the first chimpanzee born in the park in the past 40 years.