Stuck in a watery accident? Trained dogs to the rescue!

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By NTD Newsroom
January 31, 2017Entertainment
Stuck in a watery accident? Trained dogs to the rescue!

What seems to be a dangerous situation and sounds like great distress is a prearranged training. In any case these dogs may save your life when your are in real distress and in danger of drowning or drifting away.

In the training situation two dogs are trapped in a canoe and start drifting downstream when their whining alarms the rescue dog. The third dog rushes into the river, quickly swims to the drifting canoe and grabs the bowline. It then pulls it to the safety on the sands.

When the canoe begins heading downstream the dog on the bow calls for help. The “passenger” is scared and whining.


When the rescue dog reached the drifting canoe, the dog on the bow will hand over a piece of rope to him and holds on the other end while the rescue dog starts swimming towards the shore.


Finally they reach the safety of the sands.

However all three dogs look healthy and are not harmed in any way, so we may just appreciate what they are capable of just in case of a real emergency.