Deep Dive (April 15): McConnell: ‘Grave Mistake’ Pulling Troops From Afghanistan

U.S. troops are coming home. President Joe Biden announced U.S. military troops in Afghanistan will start their final withdrawal in about 2 weeks, ending the 20-year presence there. Dubbed the “Forever War,” it’s spanned four administrations. What are the responses in Congress? Biden said the 9/11 terrorist attacks “cannot explain” why U.S. forces should remain there after two decades. Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell said, “Conflicts do not simply ‘end.’ They are won or lost.” McConnell called it a “grave mistake” and said, “Foreign terrorists will not leave the U.S. alone because our politicians have grown tired of taking the fight to them.”

As for vaccines, a seventh potential case of blood clotting in the Johnson & Johnson saga has surfaced. The vaccine is still paused while federal agencies investigate the blood clotting cases. This comes as Pfizer says a third shot of the vaccine could be needed within six months after the first two shots.

More states are pushing back against so-called “vaccine passports.” While California’s Orange County followed New York by coming up with vaccine passports, other states are pushing back against them. Georgia, Kansas, and Missouri may ban them. Texas and Florida already did.

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