Deep Dive (Feb. 10): Over 20 Republican Senators Ask Biden to Support Transparency

Lawmakers weigh in on the impeachment trial’s first day of debate. There are mixed views on the arguments they made. House Impeachment Manager Jamie Raskin argued that if the trial didn’t go ahead it would create a “January exception.” He said future presidents could abuse their power without fear of being convicted and barred from holding future office. Bruce Castor, one of Trump’s attorneys, called this idea “nonsense.”

The Justice Department is beginning the process of replacing the federal prosecutors Trump appointed, paving the way for president Joe Biden to install his own nominees to lead U.S. attorneys offices across the country.

And over 20 Republican senators are asking President Biden to reconsider one of his executive orders. They say it’ll affect the transparency of Federal agencies. President Biden’s order revokes one of his predecessor’s that tells federal agencies to publish guidance on how they interpret and apply regulations.

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