Deep Dive (Jan. 21): Trump’s Fight on Communism, Will It Persist?

There’s a new Director of National Intelligence, but what are her views on China and Iran.

Haines is the first Biden cabinet member approved by the Senate. All Democrat senators voted to confirm her, while ten Republicans dissented. Haines previously served under the Obama administration.

In a slew of executive orders, Biden reversed many of Trump’s policies yesterday. So what is Trump’s legacy?

The Trump administration is known for its hardline stance towards communist China—long seen as the antithesis of freedom. When Trump campaigned for reelection in 2019, communism versus freedom was one of the key themes.

Many have been wondering about the social media platform Parler and if it’s back online. There are signs it’s using a Russian service to host it’s servers.

Tune in to Deep Dive to find out more.

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