Deep Dive (March 26): Biden Hints at No More Republican Party?

President Joe Biden held his first formal press conference after more than two months in office. Biden praised his approach to the border crisis, and dodged questions about China. He also hinted that the filibuster should be amended to pave a way for new bills about voting rights and gun control.

Biden also touched on future elections. This comes as Democrats’ massive election reform bill, HR1 or “For the People Act,” is still sparking controversy. The nearly 800-page election reform package seeks to impose country-wide requirements on voting procedures, such as mandating automatic voter registration and making mail-in voting legal across the country without requiring a photo ID to receive an absentee ballot. Democrats have described the bill as pro-democratic and anti-corruption.

And what did George Washington say about unity among regions, the dangers of party politics, and altering the Constitution? He touched on those topics and more in his farewell speech.

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