Defrost Your Windshield in Seconds – Weatherman Reveals Easy Timesaving Hack

Janita Kan
By Janita Kan
November 17, 2017Science & Techshare
Defrost Your Windshield in Seconds – Weatherman Reveals Easy Timesaving Hack
A man uses a broom to brush the snow off his car windscreen before setting off on a journey, in west London, Jan. 24, 2007. (Adrian Dennis/AFP/Getty Images)

As temperatures continue to dip, you can probably relate to the scene of having to deal with a frost-covered windshield after leaving your car outside for a long time. A meteorologist from East Tennessee has revealed a cheap timesaving hack to let you defrost your windshield in seconds.

Ken Weathers, a weatherman for WATE 6 News posted the video on YouTube early 2016, but it is garnering more attention recently due to the cold weather. All told, the video has been viewed more than 6.5 million times.

NTD Photo
Frost covers leaves that have fallen onto the windshield of a car parked besides Warminster Lake Pleasure Grounds. (Matt Cardy/Getty Images)

He suggests that the traditional ways to defrost your windshield such as warming up your car or using an ice-scraper can be a waste of gas and will take time, and using hot water will result in your windshield cracking.

His formula to quickly defrosting your windshield involves using simple ingredients you can find at home. The tutorial states to mix two parts Isopropyl or rubbing alcohol with one part water which you can pour into a spray bottle to be used directly on your windshield.

Weathers demonstrates the effectiveness of this formula in his video by spraying the formula onto his own windshield. Within seconds the frost cleared away without the need for any other tools.

He explains the reason why this formula works is that rubbing alcohol has a freezing point of -128.2°F. This makes it suitable to keep in your car without the fear of it freezing.

Some viewers in the comments were unconvinced and suggested their own solutions to defrosting their windshields. Others questioned the safety of keeping a full bottle of flammable liquid in the car. While other viewers were just grateful for a quick and simple hack to make their lives a little easier.

It is advised to keep anything containing Isopropyl alcohol away from open flames and sparks.


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