Delta Flight to Shanghai Turns Back Midair

Juliet Song
By Juliet Song
December 27, 2021China in Focus

A key U.S. ally in the Middle East is reportedly making its own missiles with Chinese technology—a move that could complicate the regional power struggle.

A sudden change in China’s virus control policy sent a U.S. flight turning back in midair. The incident put some of the passengers in limbo—most of whom are Chinese.

About 13 million people were locked down in one northern Chinese city. The move follows a pandemic surge, sparking panic buying and other forms of chaos.

In an unprecedented move, a Chinese province is offering “baby loans” to address population problems. That means couples with multiple children can apply for as much as $31,000.

In a Christmas Eve announcement, Japan revealed it won’t be sending government officials to the Beijing Olympics. But, they’re not calling it a boycott.

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