Digital Platform Gan Jing World Announces Launch of Its Gan Jing Campus Summer Camp

Digital Platform Gan Jing World Announces Launch of Its Gan Jing Campus Summer Camp
(Courtesy of Gan Jing World)

Digital platform Gan Jing World is set to host its “Gan Jing Campus Summer Camp” this summer. The six-week online program offers themed lessons and activity plans that cover an array of fun and interesting topics for children aged 4-10.

Topics will include the animal kingdom and the natural world and others, with an emphasis on content themes of kindness and friendship.

“The best time away from school is when children can have fun while still satisfying their natural curiosity to explore, grow, and learn about the world around them,” Gan Jing World said on its website.

The online experience offers an array of indoor and outdoor activities for children, intended to stimulate their creativity, curiosity and sense of wonder, as well as zest to explore new things.

“Children can creatively express themselves, explore the world around them, and make the best memories as they embark on an unforgettable educational journey,” the website says.

Some of the educational content is available for free on the Gan Jing World platform, while subscription-based content is available on the GJW+ Streaming platform, both of which can be accessed by downloading the free Gan Jing World app.

The content includes movies, songs, storytelling, craft lessons, and documentaries for children to embark on what’s described as a fun and engaging journey.

The activities aim to offer a comprehensive experience for children, in any given category, offering longer and and more in-depth content for older children, and shorter content for the younger ones.

“As you guide children through each week’s exciting content plan, pick and choose activities that most excite your child, and go at a pace that is comfortable for your child. Viewing lists will start from content with the shortest duration to the longest, followed by activities for that theme,” according to the GJW website.

Each week, children can engage in activities for 1-2 hours daily, depending on the nature of the activity. Week one focuses on Natural Wonders and Science, week two on the Animal Kingdom and week three is aimed at providing a more physical experience, such as dances, jumping ropes, and yoga.

As children move into week four, they learn about cultural traditions, while week five allows for story time themed on friendship and family. In the final week, the camp concludes with teaching children the importance of kindness and how to apply this in everyday life. Children are given multiple tasks and challenges in which they can show random acts of kindness to others.

In addition to getting inspired by new ideas and seeing what others around them are creating, families will have the opportunity to win prizes by recording, sharing, and submitting videos or shorts of children working through activities.

These can include photos of their completed projects or art, or sharing thoughts through articles and posts of children’s experiences as they work through the different activities each week.

Gan Jing Campus will offer 20 prizes in this year’s summer camp, to be announced on the official Gan Jing Campus channel, as well as free premium channel features which are available for educators.

The features are aimed at “helping teachers everyday build a truly positive and interactive classroom community that boosts student morale.”

Gan Jing Campus Summer Camp will run for six weeks, from July 1 through August 11.