Doctor Strange Unlikely to Get China Release

NTD’s sister media, The Epoch Times, briefly appears in Marvel’s latest superhero movie. And one Chinese state-run media outlet isn’t pleased.

But the newest film isn’t the only one facing Chinese censorship. “Spider-man: No Way Home” and others were also blocked from Chinese releases.

What does the United States really know about Beijing’s space development goals? A top NASA official says it’s not much.

Fire breaks out under Shanghai’s lockdown, leaving residents in one residential building locked inside.

The Ukraine war enters its sixth week. U.S. officials say they’re keeping a close eye on China to make sure it doesn’t help Moscow bypass sanctions.

Topics in this episode:
Examining Other Marvel Movies Censored in China
Chinese Media’s Reaction to Epoch Times, Explained
‘We Don’t Know Much About China’s Space Program’: NASA Administrator Testifies on Budget Request
Beijing Steps Up COVID-19 Curbs to Stem Virus Spread
Zhengzhou Ramps Up Virus Rules, Sparks Panic Buying
Fire Breaks Out in Sealed Shanghai Building
PPE-Wearing Police Break Into Resident’s Home
Video: Trucker Gifts Starving Migrant Worker Food
FDA Rejects Cancer Drugs Tested in China
US Keeps Lookout for China’s Russia Stance
Ex-Tesla Engineer’s Plant Won’t Rely on China
Alibaba Shares Fall, Recover Due to Mix-up
Japan Boosts Ties to Nations With Shared Interests
North Korea Condemned for Firing Ballistic Missile
Latest Rankings on World Press Freedom

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