Chihuahua plays dead as soon as taken from owner

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By NTD Newsroom
January 15, 2017Entertainment
Chihuahua plays dead as soon as taken from owner

A little chihuahua dog seems to always have one trick more when it comes to have nobody separate him from his beloved owner. As soon as anybody comes and stretches out his hands towards the dog, the chihuahua would start to bark and bite all this tiny dog is capable of. When all this doesn’t help and the stranger really manages to grab and take the dog away from its owner, the chihuahua would then perform his ultimate trick:

Playing dead: With his tongue hanging out and four paws rigid in the air, this little dog gives a whole new meaning to the expression 'scared stiff'

He turns into a brick with his tongue dangling out of his open mouth and his eyes and all his limbs even becoming frozen. No matter how he is turned, he keeps his limbs and head stiff, just as if he was dead.

Watch this video to enjoy the hilarious play-dead trick of this dog that never ever wants to leave its owner: