Dog the Bounty Hunter Gives First Full Interview Since Wife’s Death: ‘You’re Never Ever Prepared’

Dog the Bounty Hunter gave his first interview since the passing and funeral of wife Beth Chapman.

Entertainment Tonight posted two video interviews; one with Duane “Dog” Chapman and his three children Bonnie Chapman, Garry Chapman and Leland Chapman, and one of a one-on-one interview with Dog.

Dog said the family is still processing the reality of the situation.

“You’re never ever prepared. You can’t prepare. There’s no way,” Dog told Entertainment Tonight. “I did not know this was going to happen that day. At all.”

Chapman died on June 26 after a battle with throat cancer. She was 51.

“Everything that we see or do, or whatever reminds him of Beth or whatever … he goes down memory lane,” son Leland Chapman said of how his father is dealing with the loss.

Dog talked in detail about the moments before Beth passed away.

Dog said he told medical staff, “[If] she dies you die Doc. Got it?” when Beth was taken to the hospital before she died, to which the doctors replied, “Yes sir.”

The interview went in a very emotional direction, with Dog discussing the finer details of Beth’s last moments, along with other things about their personal lives together during her last days and the time since she passed away.

Dog was similarly emotional on stage at the Colorado memorial service for Beth on July 13. Dog revealed Beth’s body weight had reached as low as 119 pounds before she died, TMZ reported.

Dog revealed that he has lost 17 pounds in two weeks since his wife died. He said that the day before the Entertainment Tonight interview took place, a suspect he was trying to capture was able to flip him “like a pancake” due to his reduced bulk.

“I need to bulk up again, but I can’t eat. Two bites I’m full,” Dog told Entertainment Tonight. “I need to force feed myself like I force fed [Beth].”

Dog is producing “Dog’s Most Wanted,” the bounty hunting family’s latest reality TV show. It’s not clear yet how the show will choose to cover Beth’s death. The WGN America network has already started to pay tribute to Beth, via the TV show’s webpage. WGN America also posted a video of the entire memorial service to its YouTube channel.

TMZ reported that Dog had mentioned at the Colorado memorial service the reason there is a third ‘Dog the Bounty Hunter’ show is because of his wife. He explained in his speech that it was something she wanted to do for him before she passed away.

“The show did not kill her, but she died for it. She said ‘Do you think I’m going to go let you go out there by yourself and film this TV show? You’re out of your mind.’ I said ‘Honey you might have to do chemo and stuff,’ she goes, ‘All it’ll do is keep me alive six months longer, and I’m not going to do that because I want to be by your side,’” Dog said at the memorial service.

Beth had opted out of further rounds of chemotherapy in May after a first round of treatment in December 2018 when she was told by doctors that her throat cancer had returned.