Dogs and Owners Compete in Swimming Race on Croatian Island

By Reuters

Dogs and their owners competed in a combined swimming and running race on the Croatian island of Rab in the Adriatic Sea on Aug. 28.

The competition, which saw some 15 four-legged athletes of all sizes and colours take part, was won by Bonnie, a white pint-sized five-year old mutt, winning himself and his owner a two-day vacation at a campsite on the island.

For dogs more keen on treats than sporting events, other contests involved the fastest eating and drinking of special ice cream and beer suitable for canine consumption.

The race, organised by the owners of a recently opened beach-bar dedicated to dogs called Monty’s Beach Bar, aimed to show how important pets are in people’s lives and encourage people to get active, according to bar owner Ruby Montanari-Knez.

The bar is only the second such establishment on Croatia’s Adriatic coast, and aims to attract and bring together tourists who want to share their summer holidays with their best furry friends.