Dr. Amrita Jash: India–China Border Clash Signals a Broader Picture & New Approach Against China

India’s border clash with China is unmasking a greater geopolitical situation. China’s growing aggression in Asia is expanding, but India is not putting up with it. From resistance in the eastern Ladakh region to a closer tie with the United States, how is this Asian democracy going to play its hand on the global stage? 

How is the United States going to play a role in making a regional alliance with India? If the two are aligned in the form of government, and they have a common agreement over the rules-based order, how will their relationship affect Asian politics? Will China be affected by a stronger India–U.S. tie?

I am joined by Dr. Amrita Jash, defense expert from the Centre for Land Warfare Studies. She tells us how India is playing the strategic engagement in the region, and much more beyond that—politics, economics, and partnerships.