Duck Dynasty Stars Speak at Trump Rally

By Paula Liu

Television’s Duck Dynasty reality show stars showed up at the Trump Rally in Monroe Civic Center, in Monroe, Louisiana, according to multiple reports.

News Star reported that both Willie and Phil Robertson from the reality television show were invited by the president to speak at the rally in Monroe. Willie went up on stage to talk about his support for Eddie Rispone, a Republican businessman attempting to unseat John Bel Edwards, the current Democratic Governor of Louisiana.

“If you are a believer and a Christian, I can’t think of a better president we’ve had,” Willie Robertson said at the beginning of the rally, ahead of Trump’s arrival, News Star reported.

“You’ve been such a great community to share life with, to worship with, and I’m so tickled to be here with the president, that he actually came down to our community,” Willie Robertson said, according to Breitbart. “Let’s go, Eddie!”

Throughout the rally speakers voiced their criticisms against Democratic leaders, including the Louisiana governor, saying that Edwards had not done his job properly as the governor of Louisiana, according to Time.

“I believe in Eddie. He’s a job creator. He’s an outsider, and we know that he has worked in Washington,” Willie Robertson said, according to News Star. Jeff Landry, the attorney general, said that it was important to bring in Rispone in order to create more jobs for everyone and turn Louisiana around.

“You’re going out to replace a radical, liberal Democrat as your governor. John Bel Edwards has not done the job,” Trump said, during the rally, according to Time.

News Star reported that U.S. Sen. John Kennedy said that ever since Trump came into office, he has increased the nation’s economy in three years and the Democrats have nothing for him.

“Speaker Nancy Pelosi is trying to impeach him. I don’t mean any disrespect, but it must suck to be that dumb. The same people that are backing Speaker Pelosi are sending tens of millions of dollars to support Governor Edwards, and all he’s given us is decline and uncertainty,” Kennedy said, according to News Star.

Phil Robertson, called up by the president to speak at the rally, said, “if you are pro-God and pro-American and pro-gun and pro duck hunting, that’s all I want.”

According to Daily Caller, Phil Robertson had been a supporter of the Republicans earlier on, supporting Ted Cruz running as president back in 2016. When Cruz left the race, Phil gave his support to Trump.