Elon Musk: Twitter Obviously Has ‘Strong’ Left-Wing Bias

Tesla CEO Elon Musk, who is currently attempting a takeover of Twitter, again expressed concerns about the platform’s left-wing political bias—in response to a complaint the company isn’t doing enough to quash threats of violence coming from pro-abortion users.

A political commentator, Mike Cernovich, flagged a post from a Rewire News Group journalist who posted a call for violence against pro-life groups, suggesting that Musk take action if or when he takes over Twitter.

“Here you go @elonmusk, when Twitter employees invariably lie to you about enforcement policy, maybe they can explain why a verified account is allowed to incite terrorism without any care in the world about being banned,” Cernovich wrote at Musk.

And Musk replied that “Twitter [obviously] has a strong left wing bias.”

“Like I said, my preference is to hew close to the laws of countries in which Twitter operates,” he continued. “If the citizens want something banned, then pass a law to do so, otherwise it should be allowed.”

The journalist for Rewire, Caroline Reilly, appeared to suggest more violence after a pro-life group’s office was firebombed in Wisconsin over the weekend, coming in response to a Supreme Court draft opinion having been leaked last week suggesting the high court would overturn Roe v. Wade. The individual who attacked the office also included a pro-abortion comment in reference to the Supreme Court decision.

“More of this. May these people never know a moment of peace or safety until they rot in the ground,” she wrote in a since-deleted Twitter post on Sunday, responding to a New York Times post about the Winsconsin incident. The Epoch Times has contacted Rewire News Group for comment.

It’s not clear whether Twitter took action against Reilly.

Twitter in the past has drawn criticism for having an explicit left-wing bias. During the lead-up to the 2020 election, the company blocked users from sharing a New York Post article detailing business deals and emails that were sourced from Hunter Biden’s laptop, and it also locked out the newspaper from its account for more than two weeks.

Last year, Twitter suspended former President Donald Trump, claiming that his comments around the 2020 election violated its policies, although the firm continues to allow authoritarian regimes and dictators to use the platform.

The San Francisco-based company has also adopted rules that favor left-wing viewpoints, including placing bans on using certain pronouns for certain people. Earlier this year, the Babylon Bee satire website was suspended for making a post declaring federal health official Rachel Levine, who is a biological male also known as Richard Levine, as “Man of the Year.”

From The Epoch Times