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Facts Matter (April 14): Biden’s Employer Mandate REINSTATED By Appeals Court; Mask Mandate Extended; More Coming

Despite the fact that most Americans are over COVID-19, have gotten back to their regular lives, and just wish to move on, it looks like government officials have some other ideas. Just one week ago, the 5th Circuit Court of Appeals reinstated the vaccine mandate on federal employees.

The Department of Defense is currently engaged in its first court martial of an Air Force officer who refused the shot due to his religious conviction.

Over a thousand colleges and universities across the country are mandating that their students be fully vaccinated. Some are requiring three shots—and very soon, they might be requiring four shots. The FDA recently approved the fourth shot, and told us to expect a fifth shot in the fall. 

The federal mask mandate was just extended by another two weeks. Philadelphia reintroduced their indoor mask mandate.

And all the while, Dr. Anthony Fauci had an interview on the BBC, wherein he stated that we might go back to national lockdowns in the near future—although he made a special point of mentioning that he doesn’t want to use the word “lockdown.”



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