EV Industry to Cut Dependency on China’s Rare Earth Parts

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November 11, 2023China in Focus

EV Industry to Cut Dependency on China’s Rare Earth Parts

Two automakers, General Motors and Stellantis, announced their new investment plan on Wednesday focused on developing permanent magnet technology.

Project leaders tout the effort as a promising alternative to reliance on rare-earth automotive parts—a staggering 90-percent of which currently come from China.

Portugal Faces Lithium Mining Challenges

Portugal holds a substantial reserve of over 65,000 tons of lithium. Europe is eying that supply, aiming to decrease its reliance on China.

Lithium is a crucial component for making electric vehicles and various appliances.

Portuguese environmental activists strongly oppose lithium mining projects, taking issue with what they describe as a lack of information on the impacts of it.

Mining Giants Look to Break China’s Export Grip

Mineral giants from Canada, Germany, and Australia are proposing the metal should be priced at a premium globally in order to drive more countries to produce various resources for exports.

Although manufacturers might face higher production costs in order to shift away from China, right now they say the focus is on quality and consistency of supply.

US Medical Supply Chain at Risk From CCP: Lawmakers

Republicans are also calling for the Department of Veterans Affairs to decrease reliance on China for medical supplies.

The situation caught public attention during the pandemic, highlighted by a shortage of masks and other life-saving gear.

In a letter, the chairmen of the China select committee and the veterans affairs committee cautioned the VA about the lack of sufficient domestic production, warning that China could exploit that weakness and that it risks putting Americans in danger during future emergencies.

The VA acknowledged the letter and said they are working to respond.

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