Ex-NYPD Commissioner Kerik: Democratic Leadership Needs Reform, Not Police

Interview with former New York City Police Commissioner Bernie Kerik:

It started about a year ago in Minneapolis, after the death of George Floyd—protests, rioters and BLM starting calling for defunding and even abolishing the police. And so, funding was cut. In Minneapolis, the city diverted $9 million from its police budget; LA cut $150 million, and New York City $1 billion, to name a few cities that answered the demands.

The White House recently said in a statement: “We cannot rebuild that trust if we do not hold police officers accountable for abuses of power and tackle systemic misconduct—and systemic racism—in police departments.”

Something is obviously wrong. But have we really identified the right problems and the right solutions?

We ask former New York City Police Commissioner Bernie Kerik—who knows more than most about police reform—for his thoughts on the topic.

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