Huge Lightning Strikes China; Explosion Near Wuhan; US Prepares to Divorce China?
CrossroadsJoshua Philipp

There was an explosion near Wuhan, China, which killed six people and injured four on August 3. The explosion was at a chemical factory in Xiantao City. Videos of the fire showed a tower of black smoke over the building, and additional video footage showed the impact of the blast. The case of the incident is being investigated.

Meanwhile, with the two typhoons that have made landfall in China, and one is now moving towards Shanghai. Already, Shanghai’s two major airports have cancelled 572 inbound and outbound flights, many lines of ferries have been suspended, as well as lines of buses and trains. Scenic sites have also been temporarily closed, and outdoor movie screenings in 7 commercial districts have been cancelled.

And the US embassy in Beijing is holding an auction to sell off items including furniture and electrical appliances. Videos showed many people lined up at the auction site, and the auction itself raised questions over whether it might be a sign of further breaks in diplomatic relations between China and the United States.

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