Facebook Internal Documents Show Instagram Toxic for Teens

Internal documents showed Instagram is harming young users’ mental health. Senators on both sides of the aisle grilled a Facebook executive about the revelations.

The country’s economy is still reeling from the pandemic, and with inflation here, we speak to a member of the House’s Committee on Financial Services to get his take on where things are heading.

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House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy this week is revamping Republicans’ calls to hold the Chinese Communist Party accountable. He proposes ideas on how Americans can take a stand.

With more and more employees applying for religious exemptions to the COVID-19 vaccines, employers are facing scrutiny over how they decide which person’s deeply held religious beliefs are sincere and how they deem others’ are not—raising serious concerns over discrimination.

With vaccine misinformation and disinformation coming from all directions, we sit down with Wisconsin Sen. Ron Johnson to discuss potential therapeutics and vaccine mandates.