Facts Matter (Aug. 20): New Bill Bans All Unvaccinated Americans From Flying, Advancing Through Congress

On Wednesday, the Georgia State Election Board voted in favor of opening up a bipartisan investigation of Fulton County—specifically, the way in which they manage their elections.

In Texas, after a standoff that lasted 38 days, House Democrats have now officially returned to Texas—a day after the Texas Supreme Court ruled that they can be arrested if they refused to return.

Meanwhile, a lawmaker from New York’s 15th congressional district introduced a new bill to require vaccinations as a prerequisite for flying on an airplane. He is working to expand these mandates nationally.

And lastly, as the southern border crisis worsens, Roman had the chance to sit down with Yvette Herrell, a congresswoman representing the area of New Mexico where smugglers were throwing children over the wall.


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