Family Lost Everything: China’s Forced Demolition

Tiffany Meier
By Tiffany Meier
November 29, 2021China in Focus

Another tale of forced demolition strikes a family in China. The victims say authorities railroaded them—and now they’ve lost everything.

An over $400,000 fine, over a rule-breaking gain of $300—the Chinese Communist Party ramps up its clampdown on the country’s fintech industry.

Parts of northern China are seeing renewed lockdown orders amid a surge of new virus cases. Businesses are closed; flights are canceled; and residents aren’t allowed to leave the city.

Lawmakers from three European countries meet with Taiwan’s president. But the talks come alongside growing ire with Beijing.

In another blow for the global supply chain, the majority of cargo ships in China have vanished from a global system used to track shipping data.

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