Family of 5 Found Dead in Orlando, Police Suspect Murder-Suicide

James Xu
By James Xu
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Family of 5 Found Dead in Orlando, Police Suspect Murder-Suicide
An Orange county police car near a police station in Orange county, Fla., in June 2019. (Google Maps/Screenshot via NTD)

A family of three adults and two children were found dead in their home at Orlando, Florida on Tuesday in what police say is an apparent murder-suicide.

Orlando police said the husband/father is suspected of being the perpetrator who killed his wife and other family members.

The harrowing scene was discovered when officers visited the home on Lake District Lane at around 1 p.m. to conduct a wellness check. Police found a gun at the scene.

The cause and motive of the crime have not been released by law enforcement. Officials say the Medical Examiner’s Office would determine the cause of death of each individual.

Authorities have confirmed the identities of the family as the suspect Donovan Ramirez, 45, Stephanie Ramirez, 39, Alyssa Berumen, 22, Sunny Ramirez, 11, and Shelby Ramirez, 7.

Neighbors said the family moved in a few months ago and that they were not aware of any issues that may have foreshadowed domestic violence.

Fox 35 reported that one person noticed something wrong when they witnessed a crime scene investigator throw up after walking out of the house.

Neighbors were shocked by the crime.

“I have this sickening sadness. It’s like a nightmare receiving an end like that, especially with children,” said 46-year-old Heather Collins reported Orlando Sentinel.

Other neighbors spoke similarly.

“It’s really frustrating to not know that somebody needs help,” Galeas told Fox 35.

“We are very, very scared because this is one of the safest neighborhoods here in Orlando,” Maria Morris told the network.