Family of seven adopts six siblings

An Ohio foster family with five children has just adopted six more.

Christopher and Christina Sanders were looking to help a child in need.

When, in 2014, they found six siblings all needing a safe home, they didn’t hesitate. They adopted all six.

Christina Sanders, who works as a nurse, said, “We just made an agreement whoever we get we would keep them, not send them to different houses.”

The six adoptees had come from rough circumstances due to their biological parents’ addiction.

Caleb, 13, said he now felt that he was in a safe place.

The rest of the new arrivals: Cayley ,12, Coby, 16, Christan, 14, Carson, 10, and the youngest, 9-year-old Chloe, have to share a six-bedroom house with the Sanders’ five biological children.

They also have a ready-made stable of playmates—and a support group.

As for the parents, they are out shopping for a 15-passenger van.