Family’s Cruise Vacation ‘Ruined’ After Cabin Shower Gets Flooded With Sewage

A British man claims his family’s $4,400 cruise vacation was “ruined” after their cabin became flooded with sewage for an entire week.

“We had to put up with this damp, unclean water smell and you just never really felt clean, you just felt dirty the whole time and we had to sit there for a whole week,” Kass Stone, 42, said according to The Sun. “It ruined the holiday, it got to the point where we dreaded going back to the cabin.”

Stone said his family was excited when he booked the trip for the week of May 23 to the Adriatic sea. But while aboard the Marella Celebration cruise ship, “raw sewage” began coming up from the shower, stinking up the entire cabin.

Cruise staff fixed the bubbling drain after he called to complain, but didn’t clean the mess leftover until Stone complained a second time.

Stone said that their situation worsened after the cruise company TUI didn’t change their cabin but instead placed a heater in their room to try to dry it out—which Stone said made the smell even worse and was also very loud.

“No reason was given for why we couldn’t change rooms, nothing was clearly explained. We were excited about this trip and they robbed it from us.”

“Lots of loud machinery, right next to where we sleep, for the third day going—yay,” Stone, a father of two, said in a video uploaded to Facebook.

Stone, who said he is a returning customer, took to Facebook to vent his disappointment, after bing upset with the lack of “customer loyalty” by the company.

“Our cabin flooded with waste water, no alternative accomdation offered in spite of persistent stench, wet carpet and overall unhygienic conditions, especially for two young children. The cruise was ruined and Tui/Marella have not responded to our complaint over a month later. Is this how you treat customers?”

“The most infuriating thing is that they didn’t get back to us,” Stone said, reported The Sun.

“We’re returning customers and there is no loyalty, no recognition that you have spent a lot of money,” he added.

The already disappointed family couldn’t take showers in the bathroom either, forcing them to use the public spa, which made his young children, ages six and twelve, uncomfortable.

“My children were incredibly excited about the trip, but they were both so embarrassed about having to shower in a public spa,” the father from Bexley, London said.

“It took the wind out of the sails really, we don’t make a fortune and we saved up and the kids were excited, but now it’s ruined.”

Fox reported that the cruise ship company had offered some credit to the family, but Stone said that’s not enough.

“We refused to accept what would have been 12.50 pounds ($62.42) per person — which would not have covered dinner for the family in one of the ship’s restaurants. My kids had to breathe in the stench of that sewage, which had soaked into the cabin’s carpet,” Stone said.

A TUI representative has since released a statement apologizing for the family’s poor experience and to offer a “gesture of goodwill.”

“We would like to apologize for the Stone party’s experience on their cruise,” TUI said in a statement obtained by Fox News. “When the customers raised their concerns onboard the ship, our team worked hard to resolve the issue. We understand this must have been a very disappointing experience and we are in contact with the customer to apologize and offer a gesture of goodwill.”

According to the TUI website, the eight-day trip departs from Dubrovnik, Croatia and travels to different cities in Croatia, Slovenia, and Italy.