This famous wrestler struggled with drugs, but his mother believed in him even until the end

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January 21, 2017Stories
This famous wrestler struggled with drugs, but his mother believed in him even until the end

Many people when they are growing up can have a disdainful attitude towards their families. Their world can be all about their friends and indulgences in drugs. Only few get fortunate to have an opportunity for self-transformation and their lives become important stories. Former WCW and WWE champion, Marc Mero has a similar story to share.

Marc recently talked about his life with students at a forum and his story went viral on internet.

Marc said,  “Show me your friends, and I will show you your future.” His message, which can be seen on YouTube and has received almost a million hits and generally positive reviews, primarily focused on the love his mother gave him when he was a young child. He emphasised on the importance of family.

He presents a similar message in schools across the United States through his non-profit organization based in Florida, Champion of Choices, which focuses on anti-bullying efforts.

“My mom, she really empowered me to become special in sports,” Mero said in the video. “The greatest gift my mother ever gave me was [that] she believed in me.”

Mero talked about making the right choices and not regret later.

The former wrestler shared how he didn’t appreciate his mother being there for him as a teenager. Although she wanted to talk to him after he came home late that night, Mero wanted to be left alone.

“I would slam my bedroom door on the one person who believed in me,” Mero said.

Mero went on to explain how, when he was in Japan for a wrestling match, he received a call in the midnight about his mother’s death. He was full of raw emotion after hearing the news, right up to the point of her funeral.

“Everything I am, everything I hoped to be was because of you,” Mero said, expressing emotion as he described his mom. “You loved me so much, you gave me a life. You worked two jobs. You’re the only one that ever believed in me.”

Watch the video below to hear his story.