Fans Ask Loretta Lynn For Cake Recipe After Designer Makes Her Lemon Cake

By Paula Liu

Fans were requesting the recipe of the lemon cake that Loretta Lynns’s fashion designer, Tim Cobb, made for her.

On her Aug. 2 Facebook post, Lynn shared she loved the lemon pudding cake her fashion designer baked for her using Lynn’s recipe.


“Tim’s my right-hand man…really he’s family to me,” Lynns wrote. “He makes my dresses and so much more, but he knows the way to my heart is my sweet tooth! He made me this lemon pudding cake (with my own recipe) and I loved every single bit!”

The post featured pictures of Loretta Lynn and her fashion designer, Tim Cobb, and a picture of the Lemon pudding pound cake that he baked for her.

Fans flooded her post with comments complimenting the sweet relationship she has with Cobb, how beautiful she is, and asking her to share her cake recipe.

“That looks go [sic] good Miss Loretta. Can y’all post the recipe? It is such a blessing to have such great family and friends to surround ourselves with. Sure so love ya hun! Hugs!” Sharon Ann commented on her post.

Various other fans asked her for the recipe, citing how amazing the cake looked and how they would love to make it for themselves. Others praised Tim Cobb for being so kind, writing, “we all need a Tim in our lives!”

Surprisingly, back in December 2018, Loretta posted a recipe for her favorite dessert, the decadent lemon pudding pound cake on her Facebook page.


Loretta Lynn wrote, “Some of y’all have been asking about recipes, so here’s one of my favorite desserts!”

The text in the post detailed how to make her favorite desserts, along with pictures of completed cakes.

Many commented on Lynn’s post from December 2018, complimenting her recipe and some saying they made the cake and loved it.

“I just made this cake omg it is absolutely delicious,” wrote Lisa Schwan, a fan. “Thank you for the recipe I will be making it many more times in the future.”

Another person wrote, “You are absolutely beautiful as ever. Thank you for sharing your recipe,” Myrna Oldaker wrote. “It looks delicious. I am definitely going to try this.”

Tim Cobb’s Bond With Loretta Lynn

Timothy Cobb, Lynn’s fashion designer, has been working with the singer for more than 30 years. Out and About Nashville reported. According to her, Cobb was a very vital part of her life.

“He is my best friend as for knowing each other after all these years. He is my personal assistant, but he does everything. He built my new museum and is the curator. He goes wherever I go,” Lynn said. “He does my hair and make-up too for appearances, but he also takes care of the houses. He’s my companion and we fuss like brothers and sisters.”

To Loretta Lynn, Cobb was her companion. She said, “we know what’s on the other one’s mind. We’re just like a brother and sister. We might fuss, but that ain’t nothing. We say we take care of each other.”

Cobb also shared her sentiment, saying, “We’re like siblings and look out for each other, and became almost a second family.”

Cobb was from Jonesboro, Arkansas, and was raised by crop farmers—two generations worth, according to Out and About Nashville. He was always supported by his family, and even though he wasn’t going to be part of the family trade, it did not change or detract from the relationship he had with his family.

“I’ve had such a loving and supportive family and friends,” Cobb said. “I was never bullied.”

He found his dream job and career through his sister—she had taken part in pageants growing up, and he realized that he could pursue a life designing gowns for pageants. Cobb felt dress design was a profession that he could launch himself into.

Cobb sold his first dress at the age of 17.