Father Arrested After 2 Children Die in Hot Truck in Oklahoma

Oklahoma father Dustin Dennis, 31, has been arrested and charged with two counts of second-degree murder after police say he left his two young children in a hot truck for five hours.

According to Tulsa police, Dennis said he took his two children, ages 3 and 4, to a convenience store around noon on June 13. After returning home, Dennis slept for four to five hours. He said after he woke up he could not find his children in the house. He discovered them after he checked the floorboard of the truck.

Dennis told police he thought he removed his children from his truck, Public Information Officer Jeanne Pierce said.

Police said surveillance video obtained from a neighbor shows Dennis getting out of the truck and going into the home without his children. Police determined the children had not been checked on for nearly five hours during the time they were locked in the vehicle.

Dennis’s bond is set at $750,000, and he’s due in court on Friday, according to his arrest record.

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