Father Climbing into the crib to comfort his baby daughter, What Happens Next is Hilarious

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January 10, 2017Entertainment
Father Climbing into the crib to comfort his baby daughter, What Happens Next is Hilarious

You know the world of parenting has changed when the video of a father comforting his 10-month-old daughter gets 12 million views on the Internet.

Mind you, the fact Londoner Nunzio Raso climbed into little Michela’s crib to help her sleep, did lead to a hilarious predicament, which is why his video has made the leap from the Internet to the premiere of the new Meredith Vieira Show Monday.

“Obviously, it’s a bit overwhelming,” said Raso.

“I’m used to networks contacting me to licence the video and show clips, but I never envisioned getting on a major network.”

It was late November, 2009, when Nunzio and wife Lisa were unable to get Michela to sleep. Well after midnight, Lisa handed the baby over to dad.

“I handed her off to him because I was just exhausted,” she said.

Nunzio decided to find out what was causing Michela to wake up and set up a video camera. When Michela cried, dad climbed in to soothe her and was unable to get out as she flopped on his belly and falls asleep.

“It was one of those mornings . . . I just had to do something,” said Raso.

“I was actually in there for a couple of hours. I think I even fell asleep for a while.”

Raso edited the video, sent it to friends for a chuckle, then posted it on You Tube where it soon went viral, even drawing the attention of advertising companies who continue to call for permission to use it.

Since then, Raso has made 28 other videos of Michela and little brother Robert, now 4, all posted on his You Tube channel where he has almost 10,000 subscribers and received 13.3 million views.

Lisa, a team lead in parts supply at General Dynamics Land Systems, described Raso as “a great dad.”

“The first time I saw the video I couldn’t stop laughing,” she said. “It’s amazing how it’s gone viral. But he’s a great dad. He does lot of things with the kids, keeps them busy. He’s really good with them.”