Father Detained After He Allegedly Threw One-Year-Old Son Out of Window

By Alan Cheung

A father was detained after he allegedly threw his one-year-old son out of a window and he fell 66 feet to his death in Sichuan Province, China, on June 15.

The father, whose surname is Zhang, lived with his parents and his one-year-old son, with his wife living elsewhere for work-related reasons, according to Chinese online news outlet Red Star News.

Father throw baby window
The child who was allegedly thrown out of a window by his father in Sichuan Province, China. (User: Red Star News/Weibo.com)

Although the 29-year-old father worked as a taxi driver and his wife worked in another occupation, reportedly neither of them financially supported their son and the grandparents.

Qin, the grandmother, said that she and her husband were the only ones raising Zhang’s son.

Zhang’s alleged neglect led to a heated argument with his mother.

“We pay for all of the expenses in this household,” Qin said. “Your parents are getting old, and we can’t earn money anymore. What use are you?!”

Qin said that her son didn’t care that she and her husband were struggling financially.

“What does it matter to me how you live?” Zhang is reported to have said.

“At least you need to take care of the three people in your family!” Qin replied, according to Cover News.

The grandmother heard the baby crying and said that he needed sleep, and Zhang helped out by saying that he would hold the child.

He then allegedly threw his son out the window.

A security guard for the housing complex with the surname of Yuan walked out of the security room and saw a “thing” falling down three to four meters away from her, she told Chinese online media outlet Cover News.

“I had just walked a few steps out of the security room, and saw a ‘thing’ falling down, only three to four meters away from me,” she said.

Yuan thought one of the residents had thrown an object out of the window and said she screamed when she realized it was a baby.

“I thought it was just the residents up there tossing something down,” she said. “But when I looked, it was a baby.”

Both grandparents and the father then ran down the stairs to the ground floor and came out to check on the baby.

The grandmother with the child
The grandfather with the child, in Sichuan Province, China. (User: Red Star News/Weibo.com)

According to Cover News, the baby died on impact as he hit the pavement outside the housing complex on his first birthday.

Witnesses captured photos of the grandparents who held and cradled the one-year-old and when they told the witnesses what the father allegedly did to his son, the witnesses slapped Zhang.

The grandmother allegedly encouraged everyone to hit Zhang, according to Cover News.

The grandfather with the child
The grandmother with the child, in Sichuan Province, China. (User: Red Star News/Weibo.com)

Afterward, Zhang reportedly attempted to jump out of the window, but his father stopped him.

The police later came to arrest him.

Zhang confessed to the police that he had thrown his son out of the window, according to Cover News.