FBI Allegedly Visits Solarwinds Texas HQ

A former law enforcement officer alleges that the FBI is investigating SolarWinds’ Texas headquarters. An announcement was recently made that the Internet technology firm has been the victim of hacking for months.

SolarWinds is a Texas-based company that develops software for managing networks and computer systems. It said in a filing that it believes up to 18,000 customers installed updates containing malware, leaving them vulnerable to hacking.

All five branches of the U.S Military use SolarWinds products, as do multiple departments of the government and 425 of the fortune 500 companies.

The SolarWinds hack was first reported on Dec. 8 by cybersecurity company FireEyes. They reported that the undetected hacking began in March, and are calling it a “global intrusion campaign.”

SolarWinds said in the filing to the Securities and Exchange Commission that it’s still investigating whether the malware was successfully exploited in any of the reported attacks.