Filipino Diplomat Present in Near Miss With China Ships

NTD Newsroom
By NTD Newsroom
October 11, 2023China in Focus

New details are coming out about a near-collision between the Philippines and Beijing.

The incident happened in the South China Sea near the disputed Second Thomas Shoal. That’s when Chinese ships tried to block and nearly collided with Philippine vessels. Coming as close as 3ft.

The Department of Foreign Affairs said senior Filipino diplomat Teodoro Locsin Jr. was aboard one of them.

He had been on one of two coast guard ships deployed to escort two more Philippine boats as they delivered food and other supplies to a Filipino marine territory outpost. They were able to make the drop off, despite the guiding coast guard ships getting blocked.

It’s unclear why the diplomat’s presence wasn’t immediately disclosed.

The Philippines is one of several nations that have South China Sea territory disputes with Beijing.

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